Beyond recycling: making waste obsolete

By Steffen Lehmann, Professor of Sustainable Design & Behaviour at University of South Australia and Atiq Zaman, PhD Scholar at University of South Australia.

Given our rapid depletion of resources, especially raw materials, and Australia’s ever-increasing waste creation, it’s time to ask: what are the best ways to encourage resource recovery and recycling to get to “zero waste”?

National Threatened Species Day

7 Sep 2012 (All day)

National Threatened Species Day (NTSD) is held on 7 September each year - commemorating the death of the last Tasmanian tiger at Hobart Zoo in 1936.

Events are held nationally throughout September - Biodiversity Month.

Australia's landscapes and species have been severely impacted by over 200 years of habitat loss and fragmentation. The impacts of land development, introduced plants and animals, grazing, salinity, changed fire regimes, pollution, and a changing climate all place additional pressure on our threatened species and their shrinking habitats.


National Sustainable House Day - in Wagga Wagga

Sustainable House Day
On Sunday 11th September 2011, the tenth annual National Sustainable House Day will be held. On that day in towns and cities across Australia, over 300 houses will open their doors to the public to showcase energy and water efficiency in action.

In Wagga two properties will be open:

» House at 147 Morgan St, between Thorne and Murray street


Sydney's first sustainable suburb could be really cool

16 June, 2011 1:38PM AEST
by Martin Corben
ABC 702 Sydney

There's more growing in the inner Sydney suburb of Chippendale than the fruit and vegies in its roadside gardens.

The ideas of local food production, water conservation and and clever efficient planning look to be thriving, with an ambitious plan to grow the suburb into the city's first sustainable suburb.


MobileMuster Schools Recycling 2011 Challenge

MobileMuster is giving your school the opportunity to help our environment and at the same time receive some fantastic rewards for schools and students by simply rounding up and handing in old and unused mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories.

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How Does the Challenge Work?

It’s simple to run a muster, here’s what to do:

  1. Register your school for the challenge, and select the period you would like to participate.